Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation

Dedicated to the prevention, treatment, cure and care
of pediatric and young adult cancer patients and families

The Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation is a grass-roots non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing compassionate, valuable services and resources to pediatric and young adult cancer patients and providing scholarships to young people in pursuit of biomedical studies.  The TLCF Board is comprised of cancer advocates, professionals from various careers,  physicians, nurses, and family and friends of Thomara.

Lifestyles change when Cancer appears.  Thomara, age 21, was a senior at Grand Valley State University, preparing for her passion to become a pediatrician when her change took place.  A diagnosis of small cell cancer was made.  Although she transitioned on December 10, 1997, her legacy continues through the Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation.
Foundation membership is open to any individual or group who supports the foundation with financial contributions or by volunteering services.  Foundation support comes through memberships, individual contributions, special events, and contributions from corporations and businesses.

Our Mission

  • To provide compassionate, valuable services, resources, and funds to children and their families who are struggling with the challenges of cancer
  • To provide compassionate, valuable services, special needs, resources, and funds to adult cancer patients
  • To provide scholarships to students in pursuit of any area of medicine

Our Initiatives

  • To provide funds for cancer medication and treatment not covered by insurance especially alternative treatments considered less toxic and less invasive.  Also includes co-pays
  • To provide funds for homecare assistance including cleaning, food, and care giving services
  • To provide transportation to and from treatment, doctor's office, support facilities also gas cards and car repair
  • To supplement or assist with final arrangements
  • To provide special needs funds for wigs/head coverings for diagnosis or treatment related hair loss, and prothesis, wheelchairs, or hospital beds
  • To provide scholarships to students in pursuit of any area of medical studies, biomedical, pediatrics, oncological studies, oncological research, nursing, technician, pharmacy, etc.